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Obagi skin care products are widely known as the most popular physician-dispensed skin care products in North America. With applications suited best for skin damage, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage and more, Obagi has not only revolutionized the world of skin enhancement, but they have created skin care systems that have been named some of the best skin care product packages available.





Obagi Nu Derm

Obagi Nu Derm


Obagi Nu Derm has gained a significant reputation as being one of the finest products to combat hyperpigmentation and facial dyschromia. Where many homecare and over-the-counter products have failed to reverse stubborn and deep seated pigmentation the Obagi Nu Derm medical system truly excels in its ability to promote smoother, even toned skin.

Obagi Professional-C Serum


The Obagi Professional-C Serum contains L-ascorbic acid, a type of Vitamin C. Vitamin C has long been known to neutralise free radicals throughout the different layers of the skin, thus preventing skin damage at a cellular level. The vitamin is also said to reduce inflammation, promote skin hydration and improve the appearance of fine lines. The cosmoceutical industry is flooded with many products all touting Vitamin C as their active ingredient, however the Obagi Professional-C Serum is one of the elite few that contains a form of L-ascorbic acid that is able to penetrate the skin and deliver an active Vitamin C compound to the desired skin level.

Obagi C serum
Obagi Clenziderm

Obagi Clenziderm MD


Oiliness and shine as well as dryness are common complaints in many patients who suffer from acne. The Obagi Clenziderm MD system is formulated to treat the causes of acne while promoting a hydrated, clear and healthy skin. The system can be used daily to help clear and prevent further breakouts. Ingredients such as salicylic acid help to unclog pores, skin debris and excess oil while benzoyl peroxide supports the skin’s ability to eliminate harmful bacteria.

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