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Nose shaping
Nose filler
Nose filler before and after
Nose filler before and after



When gazing at a face one involuntary focuses first on the eyes and mouth and thereafter one looks at the rest of the face. The nose lies directly in the middle of these focus points and thus plays a crucial role in the aesthetic appeal of an attractive face. While you may be dissatisfied with your nose – perhaps marred by previous trauma and scars, previous surgery, irregular depressions, lumps and bumps or asymmetry – or simply unhappy with the shape of your nose that has a flat nasal bridge or flat and depressed nasal tip, Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping represents an alternative to traditional nasal surgery. In fact, Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping may even be used after aesthetic nasal surgery to fine-tune the visual appeal. To make the procedure more comfortable a topical anaesthetic agent is applied for at least 20 minutes to numb the area. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are then used to correct deformities and ensure a smooth, symmetrical, sharp-tipped, natural appearing nose.



Traditionally aesthetic medicine has had a firm focus on correcting and enhancing the upper and mid-face. As modern medicine’s understanding of the ageing process of a youthful, desirable face evolves, the role of the lower face and a well delineated chin is becoming more and more emphasised. The youthful chin not only provides firm structure and frames the face, but also adds appeal to the appearance of a tightened neck.
Non-surgical augmentation of the chin involves the use of hyaluronic acid-based fillers to reshape the jaw, provide projection of the chin and enhance the overall proportions of the face. The technique may even be used to gauge potential results before surgery or used to supplement previous surgery. 



Chin Filler
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