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Lockdown Level 4 – A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel


While the COVID-19 pandemic extending its reach across the world, South Africa has very recently began easing up lock down restrictions by entering Lockdown Level 4. President Cyril Ramaphosa, together with the powers that be, are charged with the unenviable position of balancing the containment of a virus, with the potential to overwhelm our healthcare system, against the health of our country’s economy. With doomsday heretics and pessimists aplenty, it is refreshing and gratifying to see our government take firm, decisive and courageous action in this time of uncertainty.


While virtually all forms of medical practice could be justifiable to some degree or other during Level 4, our doctors have decided to re-open with an initial focus on continuing medical care to our known patients. We are all yearning for something positive, something to feel good about, and getting back on track with your skin health goals can go a far way to building up that self confidence and spark of optimism.


We strongly wish to support our staff with a stable income and support the greater economy, but our priority will still be the safety of our patients, staff and ourselves. To that effect we have instituted a host of standard operating procedures, ranging from strategies to minimize interpersonal contact time to routines to enhanced sterilization and optimized sanitation. So please bear with us during these almost surreal times as we might not have all of the bells and whistles we are known for, as we swop out the red carpet for a more sterile theatre floor ;)

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